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Baronial Investiture & Fiesta de Lucia

Baronial Investiture & Fiesta de Lucia
9-11 December 2016 - Styringheim – Nordmark

Come and join us in a most magnificent undertaking as we celebrate the coming of a new baronial coupple. Take the chance to see the medielval town of Wisby on Gotland also known as the isle of roses during the winter. Also this weekend the whole town comes to life, celebrating medieval christmas with markets, happenings and joyous festivities. We will feast, dance, sing and tell stories througout the weekend from friday evening until sunday morning. Do not hesitate!, give yourself an early christmas gift and travel our island and help us make this celebration one to write songs about.
The site of the celebration is the Odd Fellow Loge in Visby located at Nunnegränd 4, 621 56 Visby (this is within the medieval walls of Wisby). Onsite sleeping is done at a nearby school located no more than 100-150 meters away from the Odd Fellow loge. For sleeping you will need your own sleeping gear.

Site opens at 18:00 on Friday 9th and closes 14:00 on Sunday 12th

350 sek.
Please have payment done by the 30th of november to Styringheim pg  398 132-1, ofcourse we would apprecitate payment recieved as early as possible so we can arrange and plan the fiesta well in advance. 
Visitors from abroad may pay at the door.
Visitors under the age of 13 may attend for free.
If you have any severe food restriktions/allergies that might prove dangerous to you please contact the Autocrate Cibo on autocrate.cibo@gmail.com

Event Steward
Sir Cormac Lawless O´Toole  (Roger Heinänen)
Akebäck Hägdarve 105 621 92 Visby
+46 (0)70 – 4379729
e-mail: autocrate.lucia@gmail.com
After you have paid in the 350sek, send a mail to autocrate.lucia@gmail.com
when we have seen the money in the account you are registered to the event and we will send a mail back that you are registered and done.
Foreigners reserve and then pay at the door.
In the reservation we only want.
*Mundane name
*SCA name
*Where you are from, ie do you live in Nordmark or not.