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Battle of Wisby

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Battle of Wisby

Är det någon som ska delta i slaget?

Jag fick det här mailet från Vrank i tyskland, men jag ska ju inte vara med. Är det någon som ska det som vill ta kontakt med honom? Hans epost är vrank_1474 (at) yahoo.de


Alma told me that You will be organising a group to participate in the Battle of
Visby. Since I will most likely be the only visitor from Lübeck in the
Syringheim camp, I do not really like the idea of participating on my own.
I will be able to bring some suitable clothes: simple shirt, green tunic, brown
hood (not the purple one on the picture!) braies and seperate hose, kettle hat
I´m not planning to take part in the close combat but could serve as a water
bearer, archer, or even shot some safe missiles (e.g. painted tennis balls) as a
slinger or staff-slinger.

I have attached some pictures to this mail to give You an idea of how it will

Looking forward to serving in Your group,

Vrank von Attendorn
(mka Frank Kock)
Attendornstr. 40
23564 Lübeck
Tel. 0049451793501

They may call it swishy-pokey, I call it steel.
Servio ergo sum "